Kneaded Courage

June 2018 - July 2018

A collaborative stop motion project that took a month to make. The project took place in June 2018 and was a summer intensive class at Hampshire College. The Director for the class was a professional stop motion animator working for Stoopid Buddy Stoodios and has done projects with PES. His name is Dillon Markey.

Shots I Animated

These are the shots I worked on for the film. The donut eating the donut and the two characters punching the donut monsters were collaborative shots I worked on with two seperate individuals.

Pictures showing some of the fabrication i contributed for the exterior of the donut shop. I also made the donut shop sign a wired it so it wouild light up.

Credit List:

Dan Allen

Gabe Clark

Lauren Ferrara

Megan Ferrara

Clara Gainer

Sponge Gainer

Marisa Gershenhorn

Toby Goodman

Anna Leigh

Alyssa Lepage-Montgomery

Wendy Li

Maria Lopez

Sanda Lozancic

Dillon Markey

Eva Neuwirth

David Osgood

Jackson Witt


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