Merry Christmas pt. 2

December 2021

Merry Christmas

December 2020

Behind the Scenes

Santa’s Slay was a sticker I found at Micheals that I thought was perfect for this short film. It looks almost 3D and I was able to make loot more 3D in the film with shadows and a key light right on the edge of the slay. 

The green screen made it real easy to key out the background and actually made the slay look like it was flying.

I film the “smoke” (which is actualy cotton balls) on a black background because if I filmed it on a green background the white cotton would have looked green. 

This fire was composited in after effects using a tear drop shape as the fire. Then an effect called the wave fx tool was added to it so it looks like fire.

All the houses were just still images that were masked together to make the beautiful winter night scene.

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